3 Tips to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage

3 Tips to convince your parents for love marriage
Arranged Marriage Problems Solved – Season 1, Episode 9

In this episode, we share with you three simple yet effective tips to help you convince your parents for love marriages. Most parents in India with a traditional mindset prefer to arrange the marriage for their daughters and sons. While this is not always a bad deal, some of us may have already chosen our soulmates. If you are someone who is in love with someone and you believe your parents may not accept your choice of spouse, watch this video.

Tip 1: Never give-up

Tip 2: Find a sponsor in your family who can help you

Tip 3: Understand the pros and cons of your choice

For more tips and in-depth analysis of the various ways you can convince your parents for love marriage, please read our blog post.


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